Golden Exits

Director: Alex Ross Perry
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 1.0

Nick (Adam Horovitz), an archivist, hires a 25-year-old Australian named Naomi (Emily Browning) to work as his assistant ... but her presence makes Nick and Buddy (Jason Schwartzman) and the other local guys acting like horny dogs, much to the displeasure of the women in their lives (Mary-Louise Parker, Chloƫ Sevigny, Analeigh Tipton). It tries to be thoughtful and sentimental but the conversations veer on the side of the banal, and the already sluggish movie grinds to a complete halt when Perry has his characters engage in lazy philosophizing. The influences are Woody Allen and Noah Baumbach, but this doesn't have the strengths of either: it's internal distress recorded in close-up. "King Ad-Rock stares lustfully at The Girl From Oz!" could have been the tag-line, although that makes it sound more engaging than it actually is.