The Picture of Dorian Gray

Director: Albert Lewin
Year Released: 1945
Rating: 1.5

Tactless, droning filmization of the great metaphorical novel by Wilde: young, handsome Dorian Gray gives up his soul in exchange for eternal life, and proceeds to ruin the relationships with the people around him. George Sanders would have pleased Ol' Oscar tremendously with his portrayal of Lord Henry - who is always ready with a barbarous quip and is a staunch defender of incurable nihilism - though I doubt he'd be pleased with the other performances in here, which border on awful (high school students who have put on play renditions are more fluid and captivating). Whenever Sanders is on screen - his character was designed to be the most interesting - his presence compensates for everyone else, but when he isn't, it's time to recast. More points are deducted than usual for bungling a finely crafted literary work.