Shimmer Lake

Director: Oren Uziel
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 0.0

Andy Sikes (Rainn Wilson) along with two former high school chums, Chris (Mark Rendall) and Ed (Wyatt Russell), arranges to rob the bank that he runs - there to look into the matter are his brother Zeke (Benjamin Walker), the town sheriff, and the FBI's ... less-than-prominent field agents (Rob Corddry and Ron Livingston). Since there's a glaring lack of fresh ideas in what's a rather mundane plot, Uziel tried to 'mask' the mediocrity by presenting the days of the week in reverse order, starting with Friday and going back to Tuesday (the day of the 'heist') just to do its not-so-big reveal as to who shoots Andy at 'the end' (it throws you one red herring). Comparisons to Pulp Fiction have been floating around, but Uziel's sham is as close to that masterwork as I am to solving the world's water shortage: the dialogue is atrocious, the 'twist' is dumb and it misses an opportunity to be quirky and memorable, taking usually-hilarious Wilson, Corddry and Livingston (all comedy veterans) and turning them into cardboard cutouts. While Stephanie Sigman's burying the car at the end, she should have chucked the master copy of this in the trunk and saved Netflix valuable server space.