The Layover

Director: William H. Macy
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 0.5

School teacher Kate (Alexandra Daddario) and saleswoman Meg (Kate Upton), both roommates and best friends, take a trip to Florida to unwind and have fun, but their flight gets detoured to St. Louis (because of a hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast) and they spend the rest of their time competing with each other to bed firefighter Ryan (Matt Barr). It was written by two dudes and directed by Ol' Bill, so the whole thing unfolds like some (unlikely) dumb male fantasy where a working class bloke gets to sleep with two gorgeous women ... and then run off with his wife, a harsh taskmaster (who he cheated on ... twice), in order to live a life of monogamy. It's riddled with sitcom-esque setups and gags, few of which pay off - you can do 'girls behaving badly' without turning your (all-too-willing) leads into fools.