Director: Jeremy Rush
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 3.0

A getaway driver (Frank Grillo, basically a one-man show) - who is as skilled at juggling phone calls as he is at speeding around traffic - finds himself in the middle of a mob war after a bank robbery goes bad and he has to worry about his wife and daughter getting harmed by baddies in retribution. This is a solid B-movie - probably destined for cult status - that's shot with style and efficiency, with Grillo as the unflappable, expletive-spewing lead: don't expect in-depth characterization, but that was never its aim. The reunion between Dad and daughter (Caitlin Carmichael) at the conclusion is an unexpectedly sweet moment and a reminder to Fathers everywhere that teaching your 14-year-olds to race sports cars around a track might just save your ass (just try to keep them from wearing out the clutch!).