Director: Zak Hilditch
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 2.0

Farmer Wilfred (Thomas Jane) argues with wife Arlette (Molly Parker) over her desire to sell their land and move to 'big city' Tulsa ... instead of behaving rationally and compromising, Wilf - along with son Henry (Dylan Schmid) - slice her throat open, throw her corpse down a well and then drop a cow on top of her. Based on a Stephen King novella, it's both familiar and one-note - after the demise of Arlette, almost nothing goes right, and the movie turns into a long downward spiral: Wilf has to lie to the authorities, loses his hand to hungry rats, Henry impregnates his girlfriend Shannon (Kaitlyn Bernard) and they run off (they both die, naturally) ... and Wilf's precious property is eventually left to ruin. The chief weakness of the tale comes from King, who's come up with some great plots/characters in the past ... but not this time: it doesn't take 100+ pages of text to say "If you brutally murder your spouse, you'll probably be haunted by it the rest of your days."