What Happened to Monday

Director: Tommy Wirkola
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 2.0

In yet another dismal depiction of the future of mankind, we've ruined the environment, there's overpopulation and a food shortage, so the country (following Glenn Close's "leadership") instates a strictly-enforced one-child-only policy (siblings will be placed in cough cough "cryosleep"), but this doesn't stop a woman named Karen Settman from delivering septuplets (all played, as adults, by Noomi Rapace) ... who are then raised and protected by their grandfather (Willem Dafoe), naming them after the days of the week and teaching them how to collectively "play" one person, "Karen Settman," in order to evade the draconian police. I think the concept is neat, but it never goes past the thesis stage: it would have been nice for five minutes to go by without me constantly questioning the logic of the 'plotting' and it also might have helped if each of the Noomis running around could be differentiated from one another aside from their choice of hair color/clothing choices (this allows for a critical flaw when one of the Karens betrays her family ... it's a major psychological leap in a project devoid of psychology but full of seamless effects). Alternative title: What Happened to Contraceptive Use?