Gaga: Five Foot Two

Director: Chris Moukarbel
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 2.5

A 'behind-the-scenes' peek into the hectic life of Ms. Gaga (born with this name: Stefani Germanotta) as she collaborates with Mark Ronson on her "Joanne" album, flies around to do concerts and film music videos, hangs out with friends and family ... and deals with excruciating physical pain. Don't get me wrong, this is an advertisement for her, but that's what pop stars do nowadays: flood social media in order to stay relevant and active (it's an exhausting career path). Non-fans can probably steer clear of it, but those who appreciate her antics and her music (I include myself in this) should find a few intriguing moments to take away from it (her and Madonna should settle their little feud; Donatella Versace calls football "a beauty pageant for men"). There ain't nothin' wrong with a cute little Italian American lady dressing up or dressing down or covering herself with gore and giving the people something to dance to. For the record: a Google search for Lady G's height lists her as 5'1" - is that extra inch from standing on an ashtray?