The Atomic Submarine

Director: Spencer Gordon Bennet
Year Released: 1959
Rating: 2.0

A toy nuclear submarine chases a toy flying saucer around the North Pole - the UFO is destroying boats, you see - and it turns out the alien craft is commandeered by a hairy talking eyeball, so there's only one solution: shoot a toy missile at it (ka-boom!). Cold War-era kitsch shot in less than two weeks (and with a very modest budget), it nevertheless shows off a kind of DIY inventiveness: the gizmos and props are clearly junky and the inserted stock footage is obvious, but damn it to all hell, they were making a movie and nothing was going to stop them (at least the cast is sufficient, led by B-movie vet Arthur Franz). Moral of the story: even a pacifist should realize a telepathic space creature with bad intentions and a self-healing ship needs to be obliterated.