To the Bone

Director: Marti Noxon
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 1.5

Anorexic Ellen/"Eli" (Lily Collins) seeks therapy from 'esteemed' Dr. Beckham (Keanu Reeves) and stays in a group home with others who have eating disorders, including injured ballet dancer Luke (Alex Sharp), who becomes attracted to her (even though she's hesitant to form a relationship). While I do think it was made with the best intentions (for a problem that does affect many women and men, including people I personally know), it can't help but play out like your typical Hallmark/Lifetime made-for-TV message movie with the same plot points (Eli's home life is not exactly ideal, there's a forced 'romantic' aspect with Luke) ... and soft on the psychology (what Reeves' doctor "does to help," aside from showing tough love and taking the kids to an art installation, is vague). It is a little hard to believe a person passing out in the desert and having hallucinations is making progress ... but if it works, it works.