Director: Onur Tukel
Year Released: 2016
Rating: 1.0

Well-to-do house wife Veronica (Sandra Oh) and "struggling painter" Ashley (Anne Heche), former college classmates, get into an argument at a dinner party and start swinging at each other - following the bout, both their lives change: Veronica goes into a coma for two years (in that time frame her husband and son both die ... and she's broke and homeless) while Ashley's art career takes off (and she's pregnant, via artificial insemination). Tukel, who wrote this, genuinely thought watching Oh and Heche exchange blows (three! different! times!) like male prize fighters (and not falling down easily) would be entertaining (it isn't) and I wish he spent less time on the fight choreography than, I don't know ... exploring the actual back story of these two women (not one flashback?). It does sneak some politics in there - final joke: we actually win the war on terror! - but it isn't substantial. Not sure how feminists will react to this ... I'm assuming not positively.