Pootie Tang

Director: Louis C. K.
Year Released: 2001
Rating: 0.5

Going to have to go with the critics on this one, as I personally found nothing at all interesting or worthwhile in this postmodern comic book/satire hybrid, which is horribly messy and amateurish (though it actually sneaks out a few laughs once in a while). Absurd, surrealist humor is potent when used properly, but this is just a collection of skits from the Chris Rock Show, a home movie that should have been an HBO-Chris Rock special and played at 3 in the morning. No one seems to know when to stop - Pootie speaks in a unique 'tongue' that has to be a send-up of the Ebonics discussion, playing with the common notion that street lingo has sabotaged 'proper English,' the running gags don't amount to anything and Lance Crouther is not much of a leading man.