Director: Kent Jones
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 3.0

Loving tribute to one of (in my opinion) the greatest books ever written on the craft of making movies - in which the two master filmmakers sat down and discussed various aspects of Hitch's extensive oeuvre - with some choice endorsements from directors who were influenced by it (including Linklater, Scorsese and Wes Anderson). If its sole function is to work as an advertisement/visual book report to get aspiring auteurs to order it and actually study it, I'm fine with that: naturally, Mr. Jones cannot get to every single fascinating passage from the text, but he does cover how Hitch's personal obsessions were prominently featured in his movies (hint, hint: follow suit). If you ask me, there are two other examinations of the director's life and work that are worth reading: Donald Spoto's controversial The Dark Side of Genius and Robin Wood's excellent Hitchcock's Films.