Kevin Hart: What Now?

Director: Leslie Small and Tim Story
Year Released: 2016
Rating: 1.0

Theatrically-released stand-up special by Mr. Hart - with a packed crowd at Lincoln Financial Field (home of the Iggles) in his hometown of Philly - with the (unnecessary) 'frame' story being that Kevin's actually a Bond-type spy and Money Berry (Halle Berry) is his pretty assistant (who won't kiss him). As far as the content of his act is concerned, it's a lot of hoopla and visual effects, but the material has to be some of his weakest (Starbucks jokes in 2016? Really?) - I'd argue that his earlier specials (like Laugh at My Pain) are considerably funnier. He wants it to feel monumental (and it is impressive packing a football stadium) ... but the truth is he's considerably wittier in actual movies like The Wedding Ringer and Get Hard.