Director: Kirsten Johnson
Year Released: 2016
Rating: 3.0

Cinematographer Johnson, who has worked on documentaries both home (NYC with Jacques Derrida, Texas, D.C.) and abroad (Bosnia, Sudan, Gitmo), saved unused footage from her trips and put them together as a personal "memoir" ... which also includes images of her (late) mother (who suffered from Alzheimer's) and father and children. The presentation of the clips, without context or narration, can get a bit jumbled at times (many of the segments are probably more precious to Johnson than the audience), but themes emerge regarding her concern for the health and welfare of both women and kids throughout the globe (in one startling moment, a little boy's fingers get a bit too close to an axe) - it's very much about voyeurism ... and giving the camera operator (note the gender neutral title) a voice (and a sneeze). What I really need to know is: what was on that USB stick anyway (she shot Citizenfour about Edward Snowden)? Celeb nudes? Secret recipes for delicious cornbread? Please tell me that's all it was....