Director: James Mangold
Year Released: 2017
Rating: 2.0

Concluding chapter of the Wolverine storyline (you know what they say about meeting your doppelgänger) has Mr. Claws (Hugh Jackman), along with a drug-addicted and ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart), trying to protect lil' Ms. Claws (Dafne Keen) from a nefarious scientist (Richard E. Grant) and his goons (including Boyd Holbrook with a robotic hand). While it's nice that this Marvel movie isn't about the World Being Threatened and Inner Planetary Chaos, Mangold treats it like it's Oscar Bait, trying to wring human emotion out of what are still post-human comic book characters - it cuts down on the CGI bill, I imagine, but it's also unfulfilling, dragging out scenes of both Logan and X writhing in torment (you're not doing Shakespeare, people). Keen's tiny killer is unexpectedly ferocious and basically how every elementary school teacher pictures their students ... if they actually had adamantium protruding from their hands and legs and didn't appreciate getting homework over the weekend.