The Peanuts Movie

Director: Steve Martino
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 2.0

Good ol' Charlie Brown (voiced by Noah Schnapp, best known as the missing kid from season one of Netflix's Stranger Things) falls in love with The Little Red-Haired Girl but can't stop being a blockhead (he's also mistakenly thought to be a prodigy when he gets a perfect score on a standardized test). This exists solely as visual homage to the great American comic strip by Charles Schulz - the animators concentrate harder on recreating the facial expressions and setups from the comic (Lucy's Psychiatrist booth, Charlie failing to fly a kite, Snoopy challenging the Red Baron) instead of actually instilling their 21st century adaptation with any kind of imagination or energy (they're given so many great characters and they have no idea what to do with them). It's probably too tame for today's kids to enjoy, while older viewers will probably just see it as a gimmick that loses the Old Fashioned Values and Insights from the daily printings in the morning paper (Linus, Security Blanket and all, ranks among the great fictional philosophers of all time). One sweet anecdote from the actual life of Mr. Schulz is that he did, in fact, marry the Little Red-Haired Girl ... you did it, Chuck.