Yoga Hosers

Director: Kevin Smith
Year Released: 2016
Rating: 0.5

The two Colleens (Lily Rose-Depp and Harley Quinn Smith), who work at a convenience store in Manitoba (and were side-characters in Smith's Tusk), have to face off against ... okay, I'm gonna take a deep breath here ... tiny talking Nazi bratwursts (called ... Bratzis) that appear one day in their place of work and keep burrowing up ... people's asses (also, there's a cryogenically frozen Canadian Nazi who's come to life); there to assist is man-hunter/historian Guy LaPointe (Johnny Depp, with some intriguing moles). Even though Smith is determined to continue to roll out these (intentionally) disposable pop-junk Canadian-themed "comedies," at least he keeps it a family affair: he put his own spouse in there along with his daughter, and made sure to include both of Lily-Rose's birth parents (Vanessa Paradis has a bit part as a teacher) ... plus, it's rated PG-13 and loaded with current-as-of-yesterday social media references (emojis and hashtags, so fresh, smash that Like button!). Listening to Smith simply talk for an hour is considerably more enthralling, which makes me wonder what he's thinking (if he's thinking at all ... I blame the weed): we already have one Troma.