Director: David Wnendt
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 1.0

Filth-and-sex fixated Helen (Carla Juri), the product of a broken home (Dad's with floozies, Mom's turned to Jesus) goes to the hospital to get an operation on her anal fissure and dreams of getting her parents back together. Dime store Freudian mess (Helen's issues stem from her problems with her parents) that uses its umpteen transgressive moments - starting with wiping an unclean toilet seat with her bottom, regularly digging in her own crotch (and tasting the results), masturbating with an avocado (that grows inside her!), going down on a prostitute, fantasizing about pizza guys jizzing on a pie, etc. etc. e-t-c-e-t-e-r-a - to cover up the chronic emptiness of its main character (who is solely defined by her 'weirdness') and the 'story' itself, which does not lead to any genuine catharsis. It's guaranteed to make almost anyone cringe at least once, so there's that ... now imagine it with John Waters-inspired "Odorama" cards.