Captain America: Civil War

Director: Anthony and Joe Russo
Year Released: 2016
Rating: 1.0

Creative Stagnation, Marvel Style: in this one, Captain America (Chris Evans) splits with the Avengers (led by Robert Downey, Jr.) over the handling of the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), leading to lots of in-fighting and super-hero versus super-hero squabbling (Ant-Man and Spider-Man get recruited to help duke it out) ... there isn't even a real super-villain in this, exactly, unless you consider Daniel Brühl's Zemo an actual threat. It's so flagrantly clear they ran out of ideas so they decided to stage big-set fights (who knew Ant-Man could become a giant?) to cover up the incoherent in-drama: it's less entertaining than watching high school theatre kids gossip and argue with each other. The cast is absolutely stacked because, as everyone knows, A-listers need additions to their houses ... especially Jeremy Renner, who has a side career as a house flipper.