Director: Julie Delpy
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 1.0

Violette (Delpy), who works in fashion (Karl sighting!), falls in love with 'bumpkin' Jean-René (Dany Boon) ... but her twenty-year-old son (and talentless 'artist') Lolo (Vincent Lacoste) - a leather jacket-wearing Norman Bates who sleeps with models - tries to repeatedly sabotage their relationship and play with his Mother's insecurities (her ex-husband cheated on her). As far as the 'humor' goes, it's a lot of crude talkin' from the ladies and low-brow gags (Lolo drugging Jean-René at an artsy gathering, Lolo sprinkling Jean-René's clothing with itching powder, Lolo hacking Jean-René's computer) along with Delpy acting like an insufferable neurotic (after that tenth straight wacky text message, run guys ... run). At one point 'dumb American comedies' are mentioned ... exactly how are they different from dumb French comedies? Fights involving umbrellas should be left to Jackie Chan.