Director: Athina Rachel Tsangari
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 2.0

Several men spending their free time on a yacht decide to play a (poorly-defined) 'competitive' game with each other that involves gossiping and being snippy and 'rating' each other on a point scale - the winner gets to wear a chevalier signet ring. I'm not entirely sure what Tsangari's going for here (and I'm not positive she knows either): I think it's intended to be an analysis of masculine behavior (there are no women in the film, only behind the camera) but giving the (vaguely defined) men 'stereotypically' feminine behaviors (one asks "do you think my thighs are fat?," a 'fight' is basically a slapping fest, recipes are discussed in detail) is a curious decision (no males I know ever act like this but then again maybe I know the wrong males). Tsangari is unsure where to take her (thin) idea, turning to self-inflicted violence (blood brothers!) and then a drive off into the night: it's vague for the sake of being vague.