How to Be Single

Director: Christian Ditter
Year Released: 2016
Rating: 1.0

Recent college grad Alice (Dakota Johnson) leaves both school and her boyfriend to go to New York City to experiment and explore her options - equally single ladies accompanying her are big sis Meg (Leslie Mann) and bawdy co-worker Robin (Rebel Wilson), with obsessive Lucy (Alison Brie) hanging in the background in search of the perfect relationship (ha!). By-the-numbers, more silly-than-funny post-Sex in the City chick flick kinda/sorta wants to be about Grrl Power but virtually every scene fails the Bechdel Test - it isn't until the final sequence that Johnson's mess realizes she really and truly wants to be alone (... and hike the Grand Canyon). I'm not sure why Wilson's promiscuity is used for (wearisome) "comedic effect" but Anders Holm's 'attachment-free' bartender is basically treated as a villain: that's what I call a double standard. Best thing about it (and Dirty Grandpa): Jason Mantzoukas. The moment I noticed him peeking his head from behind a bookshelf I started chuckling ... the man is a spastic treasure.