Every Thing Will Be Fine

Director: Wim Wenders
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 0.5

Novelist Tomas Eldan (James Franco), driving in snowy conditions, accidentally hits (and kills) one of single mother Kate's (Charlotte Gainbourg) two sons, throwing him into a pit of despair (a pit, I tell ya) and ruining his already shaky relationship with Sara (Rachel McAdams, with a peculiar accent). I have no idea what Franco's obsession is with playing writers - doesn't he realize aside from a select few (like Hemingway), the life of most writers is internal and difficult to capture on film? - and the movie is focused primarily on wallowing in its own superficial sense of suffering: sad faces saying so very little. I think Gainsbourg has the right idea - she mixes anger with defeat - but I'm not sure breaking into a man's house and peeing on his bed - like Gainsbourg's remaining son does as a teenager - is an acceptable form of revenge or healthy from a therapeutic standpoint ... though I've been wrong before.