Look Who's Back

Director: David Wnendt
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 0.5

Icky what-if scenario has Adolf Hitler (Oliver Masucci) waking up in the grass of 21st century Berlin and trying to figure out what happened since 1945 ... and not exactly pleased with the results - eventually, he meets with people in the TV business and is allowed to give speeches (they think he's a method actor) and even tours the country. Takes a mockumentary approach - a la Sacha Baron Cohen (with Masucci "in character" in clearly scripted scenes) - but is more tacky than funny (the acting is a little ... off) and the politics are worrisome: it's supposed to be a "satire" but for the most part - aside from a woman with dementia, who still remembers the horrors of WWII - it seems to think Hitler would be a success in current times. Let me repeat that again: this movie suggests that Hitler - yes, him - would actually be a successful politician in today's Germany, with all the pressing concerns over 'immigration' and various cultural and economic issues. Even more telling: a reprinting of Mein Kampf, according to NBC News, sold out in Germany in a week (!) and even reached their non-fiction best seller list (!?). Does anyone genuinely believe the Third Reich was a success? Don't answer that.