Director: Chris Columbus
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 0.5

Former video game prodigy-turned-tech "geek" Brenner (Adam Sandler) is summoned by his old buddy-turned-U.S. President Cooper (Kevin James) to assist the world when aliens send creatures out of classic video games (including Pac-Man, Galaga, Defender, etc.) to invade the planet - there to assist is incarcerated gamer Eddie (Peter Dinklage) and basement dweller Ludlow (Josh Gad). Although it's awful and pandering in its celebration of Man-Children and their positive qualities for society - a common Sandler theme (hey, at least he's consistent!) - at least the visuals are kinda nice: Pac-Man prowling the streets of Manhattan and Donkey Kong chucking flaming barrels are fun to see (or at least it is for those who grew up playing those games). Q*bert is arguably more charming than the whole cast combined (try not to flinch when Gad screams at Navy SEALs or dreams about a 2D warrior princess who eventually "becomes real"); Sandler looks and acts like he's too worn out and exhausted to keep pretending he cares about this sort of @!#?@!