Get a Job

Director: Dylan Kidd
Year Released: 2016
Rating: 0.5

Recent college graduates Will (Miles Teller) and Jill (Anna Kendrick) appear convinced life post-college would be easy only to be hit with Actual Reality (it's a stunner, I know); meanwhile Will's Pop (Bryan Cranston) finds himself out of work and struggling to gain employment as an older man. What is actually a topical subject - How Will Pampered Millennials Adjust to the Real World? - gets thoroughly botched by an asinine, out-of-touch screenplay that challenges credibility with almost every scene, from Will being (inexplicably) hired by Bruce Davison's character after an awful interview (who wears a t-shirt to a formal meeting?), to Kendrick's character getting short-changed (what company did she work for? what did she do?), to one character having to drink deer ejaculate (??), to a stoner being permitted to teach (and curse in front of, and be high in front of) middle schoolers, to having Alison Brie's office drone talk like a (bad) porn star ... the problems are constant and aggravating. Its final message is that you don't even have to work in a actual professional environment: just make your own business and hire your friends!