Pee-wee's Big Holiday

Director: John Lee
Year Released: 2016
Rating: 1.0

Paul Reubens' infamous man-child (and fashion icon) is working as a fry cook at a diner in Fairville where he has a chance meeting with actor Joe Manganiello (playing himself, I guess, and going along with the charade) and the two have a lot in common, so Manganiello invites him to his Birthday Party in New York City, which allows for Pee-wee to go on a cross-country trip meeting biker chicks (Alia Shawkat and company), an old lady with a jet car, a giant snake and the Amish (he never sets foot in Sarasota, thankfully). It feels like an exercise in half-hearted making-a-movie-just-to-make-a-movie (and missing a lot of the sexual humor from the stage show) - while (presumably?) made for kids, today's youth probably won't 'get it' and adults will groan at the intentionally bad 'gags' (it plays a lot on nostalgia). Today's secret word is: Homoeroticism! ARRRR!