Director: Franc Roddam
Year Released: 1979
Rating: 0.0

Not in the least surprised this movie was produced by The Who: the main character (and member of the Mods) worships the band (he looks a lot like Pete Townsend), the songs from the album Quadrophenia dominate the soundtrack, posters of the band are all over the young man's room, and the youthful "protagonist" - a skuzzy, sickening chap - enjoys blaring a live performance of The Who on his television set (his father, confused by this 'new music,' mutters insulting remarks). Little more than an advertisement and a love letter, it is a tiresome insult to the classic and interesting 'angry young man' films from Britain, such as The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, Look Back in Anger and Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Those pictures featured lead characters that were hostile and troubled, but you could understand their plight and struggle. The Mods here are unredeemable thugs who never receive their comeuppance (I wanted to belt a few of them myself). I felt terrible for not only their parents, but for everyone else who has to deal with them. They don't deserve a movie, or anyone's attention.