Written on the Wind

Director: Douglas Sirk
Year Released: 1956
Rating: 2.0

Ah yes, Douglas Sirk: your movies are weepy-weepies, your characters tragic and sad, your plots - oh, the plots! - painfully melodramatic. Can close-talker Robert Stack battle alcohol (he is so rich, but also so sad!) and make little Robert Stacks with cold, icy Lauren Bacall (she is adored, but as personable as the rich girls I went to college with)? Does his "weakness" make him feel like less of a man? Is Rock Hudson about to steal away Bacall from him (he may be 'white trash,' but definitely the strong, confident type you are not)? Can Dorothy Malone chew any more goddamn scenery? Did you know her doing the rumba could kill old men? It's too much! [faints]