The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)

Director: Tom Six
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 0.5

Final installment (I hope) of what was originally a one-note jokey concept stretched out to three (!) movies: in this last piece, a lunatic warden (Dieter Laser, from Part I) and his assistant (Laurence R. Harvey, from Part II) decide to deal with their prison's disruptions and expenses by ... stitching the entire population ass-to-mouth again! Six has decided to stop trying to be scary and instead make this cheesy (think: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Pt. 2) and even more 'meta' than the first two, referencing the previous installments and making sure to include himself as a 'character' (insisting it's 100% 'medically accurate'). As if Laser's truly unhinged, scenery-devouring performance wasn't enough (he breaks his lines up into syllables, and is usually screaming), there is also a castration scene (Laser eats the testicles for lunch), rape, consuming circumcised clitorises (shipped straight from Africa!) and racial slurs, all inserted to tweak the P.C. crowd (it also takes slashes at American politics and 'interrogation techniques'). Most egregious of all, however, is having an inmate recite part of Ebert's review of the first Human Centipede - let the poor man rest in peace.