What We Do in the Shadows

Director: Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 1.5

Four vampires (Clement, Waititi, Jonny Brugh and Ben Fransham) 'live' in Wellington, New Zealand and feast on the locals - they even convert one (Cori Gonzalez-Macuer) to their side, except he's really fond of telling everyone in earshot he's a vampire and they'd rather keep quiet about it. The problem with the Mockumentary approach is that the subject being lampooned is usually an easy target - in this case, the vampire/zombie trend - and the majority of the 'jokes' regarding themes in the genre (silver and sunlight are bad, vampires transform into bats) are stale, although a few one liners are fantastic (Clement comparing virgins to sandwiches earned a loud guffaw from me). It says a lot that this was based off of a short Clement and Waititi made back in 2005, and the streams of gore detract from the inherently light approach.