Get Hard

Director: Etan Cohen
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 2.0

Successful businessman James King (Will Ferrell) is arrested for embezzling funds and is fearful as to how to survive in prison, so he hires a car washer (Kevin Hart) to prepare him for the ordeal (and learn how to properly store a shiv in one's rectal area). The tag team of Ferrell and Hart is guaranteed to produce at least a few laughs (both are too naturally entertaining for this to be a total wreck) but the incessant homophobia and touches of racism leave the movie with a sour tone throughout. A tried and true prison advisor would have at least taught the Ferrell character how to make booze in the toilet (and as a part-time teacher of people who have spent time in prison and encouraged them to write about the experience, this is apparently a valuable skill).