Welcome to Me

Director: Shira Piven
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 0.0

Alice (Kristen Wiig), a former vet nurse, by chance wins the Lottery in California ($86 million!), so she decides to pay a local TV station (run by James Marsden and Wes Bentley) to help develop her own version of a 'talk show' in which she airs various grievances with people in her life (including her shrink, played by Tim Robbins) and reveals her sense of 'whimsy' (swans! meat cake!). Psychologically fraudulent (Wiig's character is said to have 'borderline personality disorder' even though she strikes me as being schizophrenic), it's basically asking you to laugh at a clearly sick woman who has limited control of her impulses and a limited grasp of reality and to accept that her indulging in her narcissism via a television program (... or blog, ha ha) has some kind of curative aspect (it doesn't, but taking prescribed medication certainly helps). This is an empty shell of a concept (The Truman Show it is not) and insulting to people with true mental problems - the scene where Wiig has to walk naked through a casino in a daze is not for any other purpose than to show Piven and 'screenwriter' Eliot Laurence saw Blue Velvet.