Director: Judd Apatow
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 1.5

Generally irresponsible Amy (Amy Schumer) - who was told (at a young age) by her father (Colin Quinn) that monogamy was unrealistic - decides to spend her time sleeping around, getting high, drinking and juggling dudes until she meets a surgeon (Bill Hader) who convinces her to settle down. Schumer, who wrote the script, basically takes a standard male-oriented story and inverts it: the drinking philandering male is now her, and the traditional female roles now belong to the men (Hader, John Cena, a 'concerned' LeBron James), which doesn't change things much since in both scenarios, the promiscuous lead 'matures' emotionally by the conclusion. Hokey setup aside, there are too many awful and deeply unfunny segments in this - Cena in the movie theater, Cena 'talking dirty,' the Marv Albert/Matthew Broderick intervention, the failed one-night stand with Ezra Miller, Amy's dance routine (which single-handedly destroys any grrl power accumulated in prior scenes) - and too many one-liners fall flat (it doesn't do Schumer's impressive stand-up abilities justice), but some of the side characters come across well, particularly Quinn, Dave Attell (as a witty bum) and former Hitchcock collaborator Norman Lloyd (at 100!). I would have rather sat through The Dogwalker, to be perfectly frank.