Wet Hot American Summer

Director: David Wain
Year Released: 2001
Rating: 3.0

Like a lesser version of Monty Python, MTV's The State was something of an acquired taste, with a full repertoire of absurdist gags and unbelievably dry humor. Anyone vaguely familiar with that show will recall that, while inventive, sometimes the skits ran on too long, thereby killing any effectiveness. But Wet Hot American Summer, despite a couple of (expected) unsuccessful gags, is a surprisingly funny take on American ideals (and American comedies) - almost startlingly funny - that should be rediscovered on DVD (the outtakes need to be seen). Too many "comedies" today have two or three jokes in it that are barely memorable, or decide to change gears in the last third to add some 'meaningful component' to make it all 'worthwhile' - this, on the other hand, is a surreal tribute to hedonism and youth culture.