Sex Tape

Director: Jake Kasdan
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 2.0

Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz), married and with two children, try to "spice up" their (non-existent) sex life by making a recording of their fooling around ... except the video ends up 'in the Cloud' and synced up other peoples' iPads, which they then have to track down. Even from the trailer one can easily surmise it's a weak story - and one that wants to be raunchy but is too cautious and sanitized - but I think the core idea about privacy in the digital age and how we, as users, are responsible for breaches of that privacy (due to ignorance of how computers work or by voluntarily posting personal information thinking it's "secret" or being fooled by "phishing" scams, which led to "The Fappening") is spot-on. Coincidentally, sex tapes do exist of both Diaz (softcore S&M) and Rob Lowe (whose character in this loves Slayer, Eazy-E and cocaine, hell yeah!).