Hot Girls Wanted

Director: Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus
Year Released: 2015
Rating: 2.0

Bauer and Gradus spend time in condom-free Miami to take a voyeuristic peep into the world of amateur porn and, particularly, e-Pimp Riley Reynolds and his 'stable' of women, particularly Tressa Silguero (originally from Texas) who is having second thoughts about the assembly-line use-and-abuse 'industry.' Though obvious from start to finish - it's little more than a Public Service Announcement - there are a few moments in this that are thought-provoking: how these starlets balance their 'jobs' and personal relationships (Silguero's boyfriend is clearly bothered by her sleeping with so many other people), how they regard each other (none of them likes Belle Knox, the famous Duke student who turned to porn) and especially how they view the difference between 'on-screen performing' and 'real-life romance' (I found the scene of the one girl awkwardly trying to get a male waiter's number to be completely adorable). Still, the negatives of working in pornography are the real emphasis - which should be apparent to anyone who thinks about the situation - although I strongly doubt this documentary can in any way prevent very young women from going into it anyway ... which is worrisome.