Life After Beth

Director: Jeff Baena
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 0.0

"Quirky" "indie" "comedy" about a "charming young woman" (Aubrey Plaza) who was "presumed dead" but turns out to be "actually a zombie" and is still in love with her "unbelievably understanding boyfriend" (Lehigh Valley native Dane DeHaan). About as entertaining "as reading Pravda in translation," director Baena, in an interview, said he was "influenced by Jacques Derrida" which sounds like "a great way to lure 19-year-old philosophy majors into your dorm room." "Chipper cutie" Anna Kendrick is on display as the "movie's counterbalance" to "Plaza's rotting brain-eater." This premiered at the "pathetic shell of its former self" Sundance Film Festival which basically "tells you in advance how pointless it is."