Christmas in July

Director: Preston Sturges
Year Released: 1940
Rating: 2.0

Dick Powell comes up with a slogan for a coffee contest, and because of a prank played on him by some co-workers he believes he won it (and the $25,000 grand prize money). With all of his newfound cash, Powell and wife - because they are such good, kind, noble modern-day Robin Hoods - use the prize money to buy toys for the poor boys and girls of the neighborhood (even the little girl in the wheelchair! Awwww!), and get into a big argument with cold, cynical capitalists (Booo!) who actually try to steal the toys away from the children! Extremely disappointing Sturges work - amateurish and slight - that's just a smidgen over one hour long (and the opening scene - on a rooftop - takes close to fifteen minutes to get through).