The ABC's of Death 2

Director: Various
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 1.5

This mixed-bag project - twenty six short horror films using the alphabet as a loose starting point - has more mediocre YouTube-tier segments than strong ones (making it substantially worse than the first effort), with many of the shorts being either poor social commentary (U is for Utopia), bad jokes (M is for Masticate), outright camp (J is for Jesus) or body horror galore (Y is for Youth). Not surprisingly, two of the best moments are animated - the icky D is for Deloused and Bill Plympton's H is for Head Games - and it does end on a very strong note with the intense (and disturbing) Z is for Zygote by Chris Nash, in which a woman refuses to give birth to her teenage daughter until her lover comes back to be with her. Aside from those three pieces (and possibly a few others, depending on one's taste), prepare to be disappointed.