Catch Hell

Director: Ryan Phillippe
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 0.5

Big screen star "Reagan Pearce" (Phillippe ... as 'himself'), going through a lull in his professional career (and personal life?), heads to Louisiana to shoot a movie but is kidnapped and tortured by an ex-cop (Ian Barford) - along with a mentally-challenged local (Stephen Louis Grush) - who thinks Pearce had sex with his wife ... and then hijacks his social media accounts (the horror!). Little more than a narcissistic pet project for Phillippe (that can be easily read as a thinly coded apology for his own real-life behavior) that is basically a poor, poor, poor man's Deliverance crossed with limp satire of Hollywood's fickleness (and love of a juicy scandal), along with some snobbiness and homophobia. Phillippe shows "himself" being punished, but the "bruises" are light.