Walk of Shame

Director: Steven Brill
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 1.0

With her life in shambles, a reporter (Elizabeth Banks) goes out drinking with friends and has a one-night stand with a bartender (James Marsden) ... afterwards, she ends up in an absurd scenario in which she has no car, no purse and no cell phone and has to get to the news station in a short period of time in order to accept the job as their new anchor. Loathsome in its slut shaming and ingrained misogyny, it leapfrogs from one bad set-up to another, from thugs selling crack to a kid begging for a Banks to flash him, with the whole unfunny debacle ending up with Banks offered a job and (presumably) in a relationship with Marsden (see, she's not a tramp!). Banks is solely responsible for making this even remotely tolerable: her resilience in the face of stupidity (both her own and courtesy of others) is nothing short of astonishing.