Director: Christopher Nolan
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 2.5

On a dying Planet Earth, where humanity has once again screwed things up immeasurably, a Farmer who is actually a former pilot for NASA (Matthew McConaughey), by chance, ends up at a secret NASA facility where a plan is in motion to send a team of scientists (including Anne Hathaway) through a wormhole to find another planet to inhabit (and, in time, screw up immeasurably). While many seem to think the science behind this is 'solid' by current standards (Nolan recruited Dr. Kip Thorne to act as an advisor), I'm still of the opinion Nolan, by nature, is more of a visual tactician than a natural storyteller (also see: Steven Soderbergh): narrative flow is regularly disrupted, aspects that should require elaboration get rushed through or crunched together and it carries you along not by emotional pull but by the awe-inspiring design and McConaughey's dynamic lead performance (one could easily argue he's the only well-rounded character in the movie). It's a dumb movie masquerading as a smart movie (also see: Inception) that wants you to feel smarter by watching it: not a bad approach, just an all right, all right one.