A Beautiful Mind

Director: Ron Howard
Year Released: 2001
Rating: 1.0

Well, it's certainly a better title than A Pathetic Sham, since that's exactly what this new Ron Howard-trying-to-win-Best-Picture thing is. The first third can be completely negated once a major revelation is made in the second act; if you think back, then, at the Fight Club-esque twist, you start to question the entire logic of the movie and why no action was taken against resident genius John Nash earlier (come on people, he would have been committed long before he was ... and never ever released). Further, Howard takes enormous liberties with the story - which would disgust members of the APA - for the sake of a dramatic wallop. The last third is the most abominable scientifically, as accomplished screenwriter Akiva Goldsman takes it upon himself to rewrite the currently practiced psychological method of coping with madness. You see, if you just ignore the demons, they'll go away! If you notice an imaginary little girl, British guy or Ed Harris following you around, just nod and acknowledge their presence, but don't carry on a full conversation. And, if you do get locked up, and try to pry the metallic devices out of your arm, you'll be released in a few months. All is bliss and wonder! You are such a genius!