You and the Night

Director: Yann Gonzalez
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 0.5

An "orgy" is arranged at a swank apartment by a couple in an open relationship and their tiara-wearing maid - shortly thereafter character nicknamed The Stud (footballer Eric Cantona), The Bitch, The Teen, The Star and The Slut appear. Instead of immediately 'jumping to it' the 'orgy' is mostly a Verbal Affair, with each thinly-constructed character allowed one speech involving some form of debauchery (The Stud talks about whipping BĂ©atrice Dalle, which actually seems plausible; the Slut has a fantasy of nude men) and all the dialogue sounds like it came from the dreadful Catherine Breillat School of 'Philosophical' Smut-Talking. Though campy and tedious to the point of being near insufferable - I can picture Paul Morrissey yawning somewhere - the sole redeeming feature is the electro-clashy soundtrack by M83 (which Gonzalez is a member of, along with his brother). Stick to music, good sir.