Director: Steven Knight
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 2.0

One-man show for Tom Hardy as he leaves work and drives (in his BMW) to visit a woman (who is not his wife) having his child (after a one-night stand): the entirety of the film takes place inside the vehicle as Hardy makes and takes phone call after phone call, from and to his wife, a co-worker, his kids, his one-time mistress. As hard as Hardy struggles to convey a sense of frustration and remorse (lots of rubbing of the face), it all seems too 'actorly' and a stunt - his character is trying to do the right thing, but abandoning a huge work project and confessing his infidelity to his wife from the 'safety' of the confines of his car all seem like the work of someone less than noble and none-too-bright. Hardy's speeches to his long-deceased father's spirit are particularly egregious: they're just as bad as him breaking into a rendition of "Cats in the Cradle."