Week-End, Le

Director: Roger Michell
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 2.0

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, a dysfunctional British couple (Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan) take a quick trip to Paris for a little bit of romance, but spend the entire time arguing and bickering, with her acting like a prima-donna and him being a milquetoast. Their endless squabbling (him accusing her of infidelity, her behaving passive-aggressively), though plausible I suppose, makes one wonder how - after a dinner party with an incredibly tolerant Jeff Goldblum - the two could go snuggle off at the end and pretend it's going to get better (and when they skip out on a bill it isn't romantic, it's pettiness - they aren't dirt-poor teenagers and shouldn't pretend to be). Godard gets referenced left and right (Broadbent, in his overcoat and red scarf, looks a bit like JLG) but this is not his Paris.