The Unknown Known

Director: Errol Morris
Year Released: 2013
Rating: 2.5

Morris gets former Secretary of Defense (of the Bush Regime) Donald Rumsfeld to reflect on his own career, political decisions and cryptic 'philosophy' ("Rumsfeld's Rules") that makes him sound more like the Cheshire Cat than an honest human being - I had to do a basic search to make sure his wife was actually named Joyce. If Morris expected his subject to break down and talk straight, Rumsfeld clearly evades him (his statement about the invasion of Iraq is shown to be a flagrant lie), though Rumsfeld does, in fact, leave behind one little clue that he's not being truthful: that insidious grin. The grin itself is, as Morris stated in an interview, Rumsfeld's "tell" ... and his way of saying "I'm not being honest with you at all and I find it amusing." It's an uncomfortable viewing and Morris is unable to 'break through,' which makes it a failed effort in some ways - Rumsfeld, currently in his 80's, will take those secrets to the grave.