Director: Kat Candler
Year Released: 2014
Rating: 0.0

Family Values drama about a tyrannical thirteen-year-old (Josh Wiggins) who acts out (vandalizing private property, acting tough, getting his younger brother in trouble) because his Mom is dead and feels his father (Aaron Paul) wants to abandon him. What follows is a repetitive string of this dumb kid doing bad things, people (and the police) intervening, the kid doing more bad things, etc. - it doesn't help that there's no one in this to root for (at first I thought the Juliette Lewis was there to help, but she just complicates matters further) and all the movie's inhabitants seem primed and eager to actively screw everything up. During the final scene in which the police come to (finally) take the rogue teen away - following a pathetic home invasion that ends in a boy getting shot - one can only hope they lock up Dad too.